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LEAN COFFEE: virtual agorà for Digital Nomads

DIGITAL NOMADS and ASPIRANT DN, SHARE EXPERIENCES, ADVICE, and STRATEGIES in VIDEOCONFERENCE. Having breakfast together. Every month, I join the Lean Coffee organized by Adriano Gasparri, Alberto Mattei and Giovanni Battista Pozza: 3 among the most active of remote working and digital nomadism in Italy. These are daily meetings that

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THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN THE WORLD on CGI, NEW TECHNOLOGIES and MUCH MORE. It just ends in Vancouver, August 12 to 16, the most important event on CGI and new technologies. SIGGRAPH 2018 has boasted, as every edition by now from the distant 1974, guests and firms of the great thickness

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When you aspire to become a digital nomad and you have to deal with a husband with permanent work and a one-year-old son. I was working on my startup idea and I began to think about my family, my current situation, and “the impossible digital nomadism>”. But… There’s no such thing

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Fake it till you …

A few days ago I was thinking about a photo I had taken in Los Angeles. On the way to the school where I was doing the internship, I noticed a mural. He said, “We’re never as strong as when we feel safe enough to admit our weakness.” I liked

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LOCKED IN CAREER. Do you ever feel stuck in your career? Yeah, I know. It happened to me 27 times. In 27 different jobs. From the first in a supermarket, or when I used to drive vintage vehicles, when I was a security guard or a hairdresser or a naval

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Digital Nomadism: training for the new life!

BABY STEPS TO DIGITAL NOMADISM My baby is with Daddy, grandparents’ home, so the il@ (me) takes her motorbike … ups, no I can’t, the motorcycle is not working. … ok, so … the il@ STEALS THE HUSBAND’S motorcycle and goes to the beach to work a little: I love digital

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The “place of work” of the digital nomad.

THE DIGITAL NOMAD’S OFFICE. THE “PLACE OF WORK” ORGANIZED, FUNCTIONAL AND EFFECTIVE. Today while I was working on my mom’s house terrace, I was dreaming about how I would like to set up my future studio. Yes, understood, STUDIO. I know that this is a place for Digital Nomads BUT

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Film Studies’ degree and job: is it really a useless “snacks science”?

Film Studies degree: really a useless choice? Ten days ago I graduated 🙂 Yayyy! In Dams, Disciplines of the Art, Music and Entertainment, a sort of Film Studies degree. Fantastic experience. A complex path to be undertaken at age of 32 and (recently) with an attached child. And for this reason

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First experience as a nomad: my Hollywood’s Oscars

In 2015 I won two Oscars in Hollywood. Ok, the Oscars were made of plastic, but I really was in Hollywood! I was in an internship for the university. I was to begin a fantastic first nomad experience. In short, I was in Los Angeles in a class of twenties

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Gender equality and digital nomadism: the long-awaited parity

From December 2nd, rumors tell that in Iceland the long-awaited gender equality about salary in companies has finally arrived! BY LAW! Yaaaayyy! So I began to think about how beautiful and terrible (at the same time) the matter of salary in nomadism. You shouldn’t expect that no company gets the

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Let’s start! 1st article of the Year … and of CinedigiWNomads!

And … here we are. Among the good intentions of the new year is graduating (finally!) And among the work to do there is the site for Humanistic Computer Technology! So … why not create something that can live even after graduation? 🙂 CineDigiWNomads was born on January 1th 2018

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