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about il@

I’m Ilaria, born in Trieste, Italy, a few years ago. I’m a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur and I’m in love with the Movie Industry, Travels, Motorcycling, and Horses.

I didn’t have a single professional vocation so, in 20 years, I have experienced 27 different jobs.

In 2018 I needed a hobby, so I graduated in Cinematography: it was there that my journey began.  

I discovered the phenomenon of Digital Nomadism, and I started asking myself: can I work in the Movie Industry and also being a Digital Nomad?

I created a project for the University, about that question, and after professor Gianni Di Capua told me “Ilaria, you have to do that”, today I’m launching my Startup.

I dedicate this adventure to Him.

This dream come true leads me to work with the best Industry professionals and finally allows me to live my passions, traveling.

I hope you’ll find inspiration, motivation, useful tools to persue your path to that amazing masterpiece that is your life. 

p.s. Below, my first short. Beginnings can be uncertain and graceless, but they are full of passion and authenticity. Above all, they are START!