about il@

I’m Ilaria, born in Trieste, Italy, a few years ago; wife, mother and entrepreneur.

I am passionate about Cinema, Travel, Motorcycling, and Horses.

I didn’t have a single professional vocation so I tried 27 different jobs.

In 2018 I needed a hobby, so I graduated in Cinematography but that’s where my trip started. I discovered the Digital Nomadism and the possibility of being able to work while traveling. I thought of combining my passion for Movie Industry with this lifestyle and finding a way to make it work by having a family.

The solution is the startup that I am currently planning with a spectacular team met by chance! This dream come true leads me to work with the best Film Industry professionals and finally allows me to live my passions, traveling.

It was not luck, it was resourcefulness, audacity!

This blog, which was the beginning of my reflections, was born to be able to take the IT exam at the university; an academic project linked to cinema, after two years of upheaval, is about to become my company; every single one of those 27 jobs has made me what I am today and it took me 20 years to find my way.

Everything that seemed to have been made by chance, today has an important meaning for this new journey!

It took imagination, perseverance and a great initiative!

What I hope to give here is the INSPIRATION: that can lead everyone to achieve literally anything. ANYTHING.

… so if you are still dreaming about a Movie Industry career and you’d like to work traveling, stay tuned!

From 2020 there will be many more opportunities;) il@

p.s. Below, my first short.

The beginnings can be embarrassing FOR EVERYONE :D, but they are full of passion and authenticity.

Above all, they are START!

Be brave, Girls!

with passion, the il@