about il@

I’m Ilaria, born in Trieste, Italy, a few years ago.

I am passionate about Cinema, Travel, Motorcycling, and Horses.

In 2017 I became a mother, so the challenge, in which I dream of being able to work from anywhere in the world doing the jobs I love, is really more intriguing! Yes, because I have discovered that I’m one of those former souls in pain that the wonderful Emilie Wapnick calls “MULTIPOTENTIALITE”, those with a thousand interests, in love with more than one profession, who have decided to practice them all, thanks to the Digital Age we’re living in.

My professional fields are Cinema, Illustration and Interior Design. And I own a Fitness Center. But I don’t limit myself to these sectors, those are the few I focus in more. 🙂

I graduated in Dams (Disciplines of Art, Music and Film Studies), I have always loved the “behind the scene” of the movies and everything behind this wonderful machine called Cinema. Recently I started to follow the Digital Nomadism and the new professions related to CGI and I wondered if thanks to the Web it is possible to migrate in the nomadism even the cinematographic professions and if it is for a woman, who already meets barriers in traditional work.

I hope this becomes a meeting point and confrontation between professionals, and aspiring ones, who wish to “make VISUAL ARTS while TRAVELING”!

  • I find it nice and auspicious for all of you who do projects like me, publish the very first short film made for the university. It is full of imperfections but it was the beginning! All the beginnings are important, genuine, courageous! We mustn’t be ashamed of them, we must be proud of them.
    It is a sort of video-clip to a hypothetical daughter coming (I got a male, then!: D) I tell her roots, through the story of my mother and mine. Roots that will be part of her but that will not condition the person she will become!
  • Bow and arrow, letter to an incoming daughter.


Be brave, Girls!

with passion, the il@