CATERINA CORSINI, Character Designer for Videogames Industry

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Caterina is a Visual Arts professional who works remotely: in her role as a Character Designer she works as a freelancer for South Korean, American and Japanese clients.

Graduated in Public Relations at the University of Udine, she is passionate about Videogames and has always drawn in her spare time.

She didn’t attend any artistic study, highlighting and complaining about the lack of information and the possibilities related to the visual arts both at a regional and national level.

However, she didn’t let herself be discouraged by this and immediately began to exhibit her work online: a professional Concept Artist in the video games sector noticed her work so they started a collaboration.
And the story begins …

Today Caterina, thanks to recommendations by professionals who know her creativity and her seriousness, finds her engagements: she admits with a little sadness that she has never worked for Italian clients, but thanks to an Italian contact that lives and works in Japan she was able to participate in a wonderful project going on Japanese soil.

She often works at night when she finds the tranquility she needs and the opportunity to immerse herself in the work without “mind the time “.

From 2011 to 2014 she worked mainly about character design, from 2015 till today she realizes the settings for animations, the so-called “backgrounds”; she’s expanding her knowledge in the use of 3D software that she believes can encourage new job opportunities as well as giving more strength on 2d work.

The tools that Caterina uses are a graphic tablet and Clip Studio Paint, a favorite among drawing software.