Film Studies’ degree and job: is it really a useless “snacks science”?

Film Studies’ degree and job: is it really a useless “snacks science”?

Film Studies degree: really a useless choice?

Ten days ago I graduated 🙂 Yayyy!

In Dams, Disciplines of the Art, Music and Entertainment, a sort of Film Studies degree.

Fantastic experience. A complex path to be undertaken at age of 32 and (recently) with an attached child. And for this reason even more important at the time of conclusion.

BUT … after publishing my joys on a social network, here (after 1400 likes) I get THE negative comment.

One only. One negative comment and this has triggered my mind.

After reading the last comment I could safely leave, understanding THE KIND of person.

But I started to reflect. The reflection was also added to the scene in the restaurant where the new doctor (me) was celebrated when the waitress asked me if everything went well, she added: “What is your degree?” “Dams!” “How nice, I graduated in Dams too, 6 years ago!”


In Italy, here in North Italy, a lot of the Dams graduates today have careers like waiters or (the other day I read a message from a former client, as well as Dams graduate ..) medical informants (“however I haven’t stopped making videos, you know? I still do some short and I work sporadically with a photographer… “) and so on.


There is a stereotype of the graduate in Film Studies who choose a stupid and useless faculty, for some people: for them, you have a hobby degree, not a subject to work with.

TRUE, my Region particularly has never had great relevance in the artistic or cinematographic fields. But CAN BE possible that these studies are made TO REMAIN HOBBIES ONLY ???? This is not acceptable. In other places around the world, this kind of studies and careers are RESPECTABLE, REMUNERATIVE and DECENT!

But not here.


Urge in-depth research to understand where the mistakes are: both within the TEACHING system and in the REGIONAL and local tissue, which should give information about the possibilities that new technologies today offer to those who have the passion for Film Studies, or Entertainment Industry, but THEY CAN’T FIND A JOB IN THEIR FIELDS. And if it is necessary, show them the path to pursuing the profession they love by inventing their role and doing entrepreneurship.


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