First experience as a nomad: my Hollywood’s Oscars

First experience as a nomad: my Hollywood’s Oscars

In 2015 I won two Oscars in Hollywood.

Ok, the Oscars were made of plastic, but I really was in Hollywood!

I was in an internship for the university. I was to begin a fantastic first nomad experience. In short, I was in Los Angeles in a class of twenties coming from all over the world and, let me say it, at the beginning it was a trauma.

Oh, I know that the Super Digital Nomad Girls will laugh at me now, but it’s at 35 years old that I learned to be in the world in a world different than mine.

I don’t know what background you have, but in Italy, there’s not so much “experience abroad that changes your life”.

Especially in my native Italian city, with an ancient flavor (and let’s say it, a little retrograde), young people (and young GIRLS) are so much in love with their own home that they don’t even think about going to the unknown if there isn’t a reason.

I’m not talking about Erasmus and the extra-European experiences that fortunately are almost a must at the universities, but if you ask people who have just graduated if you find one that has been for a period in London … it’s a miracle!

I started a company when the global crisis was about to come (smart, uh?). After a short time, I realized that static life doesn’t suit me, but the commitment had already been taken and after almost seven years I’m still there.

Starting the university in that time gave me fresh air and a crazy idea like going to the States for the internship.

When I came back, I wasn’t the same anymore.

I know, it’s the classic phrase from a book or movie !!! But it is so! It’s one of those things that if someone tells it you can’t understand its true meaning.


The scariest thing I had to face in LA? TEAMWORK!

From a working POV, I’m a solitary person. To make our first short my class and I choose a production role and then we had to put all the material together. My screenplay … has been destroyed by Japanese, Swiss, Venezuelan colleagues … And it has come out as a SPECTACULAR thing! From “crying on the corpse of my script” to the collective hug! awesome :D!

The absolute best thing (besides I love California)? I fell in love with nomadism and confrontation with other cultures; that I can no longer stop myself and that I would like something as indispensable as work to become an integral part of the journey and that the journey becomes an integral part of the work. That time I felt like a library that, initially empty, was suddenly filled with volumes of all kinds! Heck, everyone at least once in their life should try something like that …

So when I came back to Italy, I started thinking about how to merge my love for cinema and work. I’m a bit slow, I admit, but I’m getting there too. 🙂

Wait for me!


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