Gender equality and digital nomadism: the long-awaited parity

Gender equality and digital nomadism: the long-awaited parity

From December 2nd, rumors tell that in Iceland the long-awaited gender equality about salary in companies has finally arrived! BY LAW!


So I began to think about how beautiful and terrible (at the same time) the matter of salary in nomadism. You shouldn’t expect that no company gets the gender equality, YOU decide the salary. You decide how much you’re worth. It is one of the peculiarities of being freelance.

And then we want to put how invigorating the endless struggle with the client is when he (at the end of the job) asks you for the discount ??? This happens in Italy very often… Or the client who after the estimate decides that you are “too expensive”, or “out of the market” (with an addition of “you are also a female and I pay you less”. At least he didn’t waste your time and you can send him to hell BEFORE starting.).

Terms and conditions

I’m not saying that this is not happening on the planet, sure! The agreement must be discussed for the right reasons, but it is a compromise where WE will play. It is our value and once established it will be up to us to defend it.

The point is: the CDN (Cinediginomads) does not just offer its work in Italy (or in just one Country)… she can decide to place itself on the whole world. It’s something that amazes me how terrific it is!

It must be there, on the face of the earth, a company that needs our contribution, at the set price and that does not distort the nose about the fact that we are females!

I’m not freelance, I have to admit, not yet: that will be a point of arrival perhaps, for me as for many of you but at the moment I own an activity (… I’m in maternity, ok) and until yesterday my entrepreneurial struggle in the services sector was not very different! In the face of a price list, the man and the average woman ask … THE DISCOUNT !!!!

Ok, no more complaints, let’s go back to the whole planet that needs us and our services!

Here we talk about Visual Art and how to achieve professionally without renouncing it … and even traveling! So I will drastically reduce the “whining” unless they are constructive or come from the interviewees who will promptly advise their incredible solutions to the various problems!

see you soon, Girls!




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