LEAN COFFEE: virtual agorà for Digital Nomads

LEAN COFFEE: virtual agorà for Digital Nomads


Every month, I join the Lean Coffee organized by Adriano Gasparri, Alberto Mattei and Giovanni Battista Pozza: 3 among the most active of remote working and digital nomadism in Italy.

These are daily meetings that happen all over the world.

What is a Lean Coffee?

As our guests explain at the beginning, for newcomers, they are structured meetings without agenda, where various topics related to the interests of the participating community are discussed. They are very democratic, as all the themes are proposed and chosen by everyone. They are voted from time to time through a Kanban Board, the shared digital whiteboard;


each one then has the opportunity to present the topic brought to the meeting and to receive advice, experiences, and opinions from the participants who know the subject matter.

These are meetings dedicated to digital nomadism so all the meetings deal with topics that revolve around this world.



Why do I recommend it? It is an experience that “gives a lot”. And where you already have some knowledge of certain topics there is the possibility to give back to those who have no idea how to face the step or are really new to the topic. We know people who often share interests, objectives, that there would be no other way to meet because they are located on the other side of the world.

The spoken language is Italian, being a group born in Italy and aimed at Italians active in the DN and about to start this style of life and work.

video conference

It is a monthly, dynamic, stimulating appointment that creates informal networking and sharing thanks to the system adopted: the use of the so-called “icebreaker“, coffee, means that you can feel at ease in a new situation in the shortest time possible.

A personal note…

video meeting

From my point of view, in addition to the precious information and the meeting with beautiful people, there’s an additional benefit.

We know the difficulty that may be there at the beginning of a conference call: Lean Coffee offers the opportunity to learn to stay in front of a camera and to interact in a clear and concise way. For a digital nomad, this factor is very important: it means professionalism. A video call with a company may seem simple, but it is not. It is important to understand when to speak, how to speak, how to LISTEN: you could have just one opportunity to hear useful information from the headquarter office; it would not be professional to ask for another call to discuss the same notes again, having lost data after talking “above” to our interlocutor. These are details that make difference in virtual professionalism.

At Lean Coffee, you can be 25 or 30 people and it becomes really crucial, having just one hour available, optimizing time, topics and relationships.

Sounds interesting? … stay tuned



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