Let’s start! 1st article of the Year … and of CinedigiWNomads!

Let’s start! 1st article of the Year … and of CinedigiWNomads!

And … here we are. Among the good intentions of the new year is graduating (finally!) And among the work to do there is the site for Humanistic Computer Technology!

So … why not create something that can live even after graduation? 🙂

CineDigiWNomads was born on January 1th 2018 and I hope to make it grow by meeting many of you, professionals of the Visual Arts and Cinema, collecting your stories, experiences, joys and sorrows of a life between passion/work and passion/travel where it was possible, otherwise I would like look together for a way to make your specialization portable.

If you are already totally in your digital nomadism, I invite you to share what you can, even to help those who are in a less strategic position or do not have the necessary information to launch their profession remotely! In this way, I hope we will create a dense network capable of supporting a new army of CineDigiWNomads!

So … let’s do it!

With passion,



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