NATALIA GUBAREVA, Lighting/Compositing Artist and Colorist

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I met Natalia via e-mail. Reading an article with an interview about her, when I saw her profession in the film industry in digital nomad way, I did not hesitate to get in touch! Wonderful person! Despite the numerous commitments (and a baby coming soon!), she answered my questions :)!


You’re a lighting/compositing artist and a colorist: how did you start??

I graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media degree from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2009. My first job after graduation was as a compositor on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and I’ve been working on various movies in production and post-production ever since.

How did you choose your specialization? Have you always wanted to do this?

Not at all! My first degree was in English and French translation but after taking some classes in photography. I fell in love with working with visuals and has been doing that ever since.

How it works, be what you are in a remote way? Do you travel alone?

I often take 3-6 months of full-time contracts and sometimes smaller remote color grading projects and videography projects. It allows me to travel for 6 months without really needing to work at all!

Did someone inspired you and helped to move your first steps or you did all by yourself?

I did it all by myself. I always had the passion for traveling and exploring.

As a digital nomad in Movie industries, what are your needs or services that you can’t find easily during your travel?

I would say good health care providers. I wish there was an international agency of doctors for digital nomads.

How do you choose your engagements? Is there a platform where you can find jobs?  How many assignments can you manage in a year? For example, how many in 2017?

I honestly don’t really look for work anymore as the work finds me. I oftentimes contacted by HR from various companies from all around the world through LinkedIn. I like to take one full-time contract a year (4-6 months) and then keep the rest of the year to do what I love (like traveling or working on projects that are close to my heart).

Do you always work alone or you have a team sometimes?

I always work in a team whether its remote work or in the studio. Movie making process is a team sport.

Do you know someone in the cinematic field that is digital nomad like you? Any Girl, maybe?

There are very few girls in our industry and I guess most of the people in the VFX industry are digital nomads, hopping countries sometimes every 3-4 months.

Are there productions that use to work with digital nomads?

A lot of big movies, you cant freelance remotely due to copyright issues but with smaller companies on the budget, it’s totally possible.

Which are your dreams about the future in work and personal life, if I may?

I’m about to become a mother to a baby boy, so I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life! I’m looking forward to showing him the world. I hope to see more and more opportunities in remote work.