The SCREENWRITER is among the key figures of a Production: the one who transforms (or invents from the beginning) the story for the cinematic purpose.

We know the structure of a script and it is distinguished by the different elements that identify the scenes and the most important characteristics to be visually represented.

Is it a portable profession? Why not? Among the most common professional roles doing remotely, there is the Copywriter: there are certain rules to consider if you already collaborate with the Production (the agreements of secrecy between the parties, etc.) but it is a formula that can be put into operation. For now, it’s easier a collaboration with small productions, less strict about agreements.

For those who love creative writing, cinema and travel can be a great possibility.

Some tips from the articles by  on how to approach it can be useful. I liked them because they sound like my beloved “KEEP IT SIMPLE” that was at the base of personal successes. It turned out to be a pillar of life !!!