The “place of work” of the digital nomad.

The “place of work” of the digital nomad.


Today while I was working on my mom’s house terrace, I was dreaming about how I would like to set up my future studio. Yes, understood, STUDIO. I know that this is a place for Digital Nomads BUT … there are also digital nomads who have a house, you know? Digital nomadism does not necessarily want you to always wonder! 😀

My family and I live in a 50 sqm mini apartment, with a mini garden, mini everything. In 3 people!!!! I can’t resist in this situation! 😀

mini house for big dreamer

In my case, for example with a child and a husband with a static job, the formula we are working on is buying a house that is DISCRETELY GREAT TO CONTAIN THREE PEOPLE AND 10 YEARS OF LIFE (and accumulate) OF COUPLE, AND DISCREETLY SMALL TO ALLOW YOU TO TRAVEL OFTEN (meaning not to die of restructuring / furniture / mortgage = CHAINS = NO TRAVEL = everybody unhappy).

For years my crazy mind (but I have discovered that we are many!) leads me to reinvent the vital area, that space where we play as children, in which we study and take refuge as teenagers and in which we work in adult life.

To reinvent I intend to MOVE THE FURNITURE that suddenly changes the environment. Usually, I took advantage by the boring cleaning and … ta-daaaaa! ALL DIFFERENT!

work and hammock

When my husband comes back home, he observes if everything is “in his place” so as not to have to stumble on some piece of furniture that has suddenly changed places. In the evening he comes back and tells me “Good evening wife, any movements?”

But he also loves me for this: D, I know.

I always felt I could erase the slate. Like having the possibility of a new beginning, a “back to zero” situation. You know?

I love the new beginnings. They have something poetic, refresh, lift the soul from defeats and give new hope for tomorrow.


Philosophy aside, the place where to carry out one’s passion, one’s own angle of work, is fundamental and must be created on one’s own personality: it must reflect who we are, it must be functional for our work and must constantly inspire and keep us focused and positive, so you can always do your best.

And if we feel stuck it’s time to move furniture, or change them completely! You do not need to be a millionaire to do it now. Even a new element, just one, if it’s functional and BEAUTIFUL for us will help to start with creativity 🙂


As a multipotentialite, the Interior Design is an old love that I’ve never abandoned. And it remains one of my professional strength.

And for those who don’t know what a multipotentialite is, please go to check and enjoy the enlightening Ted.

Like her and like me … we are millions with a no single call. Today we can have a name and a term we can use to describe ourselves !!! And we mustn’t renounce any of our vocations / professional passions, thanks to the Era in which we live that allows us to do what we are passionate about; and doing it also as a profession.

But this is another post …: D

the il@


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