When you aspire to become a digital nomad and you have to deal with a husband with permanent work and a one-year-old son.

I was working on my startup idea and I began to think about my family, my current situation, and “the impossible digital nomadism>”.

But… There’s no such thing as “IMPOSSIBLE”, right?

Reading an Andrea Benedet’s book “How to create an own startup with less than a thousand euros”, the chapter “Home-work in 15 seconds: another way of life” seemed to be really relevant to what I am preparing for. Moreover arrived at the two under chapters “FIGHT AGAINST THE SLIPPER’S SYNDROME” and “THE CHILDREN: HOW TO NEUTRALIZE THEM” I laughed as I hadn’t laughed for a long time and I immediately loved that book.

I stopped laughing when I read Josef Conrad’s opening quote:

“How can I make my wife understand that even when I look at the window I’m working?” – J.C.

Since I started the path that leads to a Startup, there have been many situations that will sound familiar to some.

  • In the evenings or weekends, when the family was reunited, it echoed phrases like “Do you think you’re with us (husband and son) or you stay all day at the computer?”. The reality: having a child of (almost) a year during the day, the laptop watches us and calls us, the market research expects our immersion in their territory, the business plan screams and claims our draft … but the baby crawl goes to insert his fingers into the socket and you have to decline the invitation of any element is part of your future business. So, when an adult arrives in the neighborhood, you hope to be able to dedicate more than 4.5 seconds to the screen where you left, incurring however in the insults of the community.
  • The countless interruptions, if you work at home in the presence of other members of the family, can lose focus and strategic junctions of reasoning in progress, with a disastrous domino effect: want we to talk about the raids in the home-office for the diaper change? Or … “Honey, what do you want for dinner?” Or again … “Before I forget it, do you know what happened before ?? …” Aaagh.
Focus killer
How to kill mind working

The aspiring startupper and digital nomad, who is in the condition in which he/she must simultaneously manage that wonderful creation in 3D that is his/her son/daughter/children/twins and related “start to life”, and a partner with permanent work regulated from stamping the card, fixed times, Saturday-Sunday-IT DOESN’T EXIST THAT YOU WORK, can incur in some organizational stress. In case of kids, with the startupper-digital nomad in charge, it should be considered that the subject has to do not with one, but rather TWO STARTUPS. And neither of them has the relative manuals for assembly and use.
This thing already gains a little respect.

What to do?

Even Mr. Benedet in his book offers interesting ideas to “neutralize” at least the children, keeping them occupied with tasks more or less adaptable to the diversity of offspring, but … what about partners? It would not be very romantic nor useful for the survival of the couple NEUTRALIZE them too.

Baby boss
Kids are our boss

The mythical COMPROMISE is therefore urgent: a scheduling possible and acceptable on both sides of a work-time for the person operating in the home office.

An inviolable time, unless the baby chokes with the cat’s croquettes, or has attempted suicide by jumping off the couch; a time that even your partner would claim in his/her traditional office.

Nothng is impossible
Family and Digital Nomadism

In the wonderful article/interview done by Andrea Giuliodori “How to create an innovative startup in Silicon Valley” to the creator of Badger Maps, Steve Benson describes the start of a company:

“[…] I love the entrepreneurial challenge.

When you create a startup, it’s like taking an airplane off, but this airplane does not exist yet! There are only you and your idea at the start of the runway, and you must be able to find all the parts of your plane and mount them together as you run down the runway to catch the flight.

When you can do it though, there is no comparable feeling. […] “

It is therefore essential to find ways to overcome technical and organizational misunderstandings of the family and work context (of everyone) because an impossible enterprise must take off and requires teamwork!

Could it work????

It could work!
Nothing is impossible

I really hope so, and as always, I start on the field to prove my thesis.

At the next update!

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