If you think you can’t make your cinematic profession portable, take a look at the amazing women who’ve already done it and be tempted (and inspired)!

NATALIA GUBAREVA: Lighting/Compositing Artist, and Colorist.

I met Natalia via e-mail. Reading an article with an interview about her, when I saw her profession in the Film Industry in digital nomad way, I did not hesitate to get in touch! Wonderful person! Despite the numerous commitments (and a baby coming soon!), she answered my questions 🙂

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CATERINA CORSINI, Character Designer for Videogames.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a Visual Arts professional in digital nomadism who lives in my region!

Read her story!

OMBRETTA BANFI, Digital Illustrator and …

Ombretta has a sweet face and a determination that displaces! In addition to illustration, his main profession, thanks to the passion for origami and kusudama designs and creates jewelry and decorative objects made of recycled paper; he also deals with art therapy with the design of mandalas and zentangles.