Here are some of the useful sites that I continue to visit to find inspiration or solutions for my projects!

NOMADI DIGITALI Alberto Mattei is the person who inspired the foundations of my project and made me more understand the possibilities offered by life and work remotely; it is a really functional site full of resources for digital nomads. His communication project is rapidly spreading the concept linked to this style of life and work! In my opinion, he is the cornerstone of this philosophy in Italy!

WORK WIDE WOMEN The platform that allows you to learn the new professions of the Digital Universe. These are events and courses for the acquisition of more skills for their own promotion, for those who already have a personal brand, and for those who want to learn a new profession that also allows work remotely. All aimed at the female universe only! 🙂

WOMEN DIGITAL NOMADS The site edited by Chrys Tan for the brave Women Digital Nomads in the world. A blog, the guides to the “use” of the various locations chosen and tested by the W nomads themselves, retreats and opinions on the entire globe to travel!

EFFICACEMENTE The site of my Yoda, Andrea Giuliodori! Both for my university career and for the professional one Andrea’s site was a beacon in the fog! Not poppycock, real techniques, applicable to teach how to manage our time, to find effective methods of study and work. If I have taken 5 exams in 40 days I owe it to the application without “ifs and buts” of its advice.

DIGITAL NOMAD GIRLS Jennifer Lachs is a sparkling nomad, on her website you will find useful tools, engaging stories, and countless others awesome things! You can meet her in one of her beautiful annually organized retreats, sharing tips and tricks for the NomadGirls !!

SCREENSKILLS (ex Creative Skillset) From the United Kingdom a very valuable tool: even at university they can not tell you how many and which fields the Entertainment Industry has created! Here I found in detail the explanation on what the individual professional figures do, even those in Italy we do not know anything about 🙂 as well as other topics and concepts concerning the creative world!

Take a ride, it deserves!