Ah, the United States!

Since I went there for the first time back in 2003, there wasn’t a day that I did not dream about going to live there. I’ve thought about all the possibilities, but I’ve never succeeded.

the world, my home

A childhood friend I remember had won the Green Card Lottery, for him and his whole family. Basically, the residence permit obtained by random selection. At the time they enrolled in the American Embassy in our city and expected extractions: a real lottery! Shortly after, in the digital era, the thing moved on the internet and since then every year I tried to participate. In vain.

Tomorrow is May 15th, 2018, tomorrow there will be the last chance for the Green Card Lottery since the Trump administration has decided to close that door.

dream bridge

I managed to enroll in October, I did it including my husband and my son (for the first time) and tomorrow is the day of truth!

But do you know what the truth is? I hope not to win! 😀

Why? Because since I discovered digital nomadism, recently in truth, I realized that mine wasn’t a desire for emigration: mine was love for the journey! So why preclude other destinations?

nomad all around the world

Surely if I’ll be among the elected (… it would be really funny, considering the years of attempts …) I will evaluate the situation. But if I’ll not be a winner, as will be probable, I’ll continue to work to achieve the ND goal. A goal that will certainly put the USA, and beloved California, among the destinations to show at Mr. G (my baby boy!), but that will continue in its list of countries to explore with the family!

See you tomorrow!


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